Leda Education Support Centre

Education , Fit-Outs and Refurbishments

Department of Finance (BMW)
19 weeks
Leda Education Support Centre

Marawar were awarded the contract to construct Leda Primary School’s new Administration Support Centre for the Department of Finance (BMW).

Leda Education Support Centre was designed and constructed to provide a designated Administration building for education support staff, which also included the Principal, Vice-Principal & Nurse.

Previously the support staff used a shared administration area which restricted the staff in their duties. The new building provides the staff with resources to provide the unique support needed to care for the students in this school.

It was imperative to have the new Administration Support Centre ready for the start of Term 1, 2019, as the staff’s designated building was being replaced for other uses.

“We note the face brickwork is of exceptionally high quality and workmanship which stands out from the other classrooms that are existing.”

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