18th Jun 2021

Indigenous Construction Company Calls For Large Corporates To ‘Step Up’

Indigenous Construction Company Calls For Large Corporates To ‘Step Up’

Nyoongar Traditional Owner and Director Marawar, Mr Gerry Matera, believes a massive opportunity exists for large corporations to follow Government-led initiatives that enable more training and development of an Indigenous workforce.

In the last twelve months, increased building activity has triggered an industry-wide shortage of skilled workers in the building and construction sector. This has been exacerbated by border closures and has resulted in a ‘pressure-cooker’ situation for frontline construction industries.

As an Indigenous construction company with an underlaying mandate to train and qualify Aboriginal workers, Marawar has been engaged on several large Government building projects that have been key for government agencies to meet Indigenous procurement targets.

Nyoongar Traditional Owner and Director of Marawar, Mr Gerry Matera, said the company is a viable solution for driving a sustainable pipeline of skilled workers into the industry.

He said Government has been a significant part of the process to date, and there is now a need for large corporates to start ‘walking the talk’ and commit to meeting their Indigenous targets.

“There’s no disputing that labour demand is at an all-time high across the building and construction sector and we all want positive outcomes for the Indigenous community,” he said.

“My passion is in making sure Marawar has a steady flow of qualified and experienced staff to deliver a high standard job and, believe me, there is no shortage of eager Indigenous young people wanting to put in the hard yards to learn a trade.

“However, if we are to make greater industry impact, we cannot rely on Government-funded projects alone.”

Marawar recently completed the $1.3 million North Woodvale Public School Administration Building and is a credible resource for engagement by the private sector looking to meet KPIs in Indigenous procurement targets.

“The company’s unique Indigenous proposition and engagement program aims to ‘buck the trend’ and shift negative perceptions of Aboriginal people working in construction industry. When we started there were fewer than 90 of the 33,000 apprentices in WA training for building trades in Perth and the South West (Nyoongar country), and this is not good enough,” Mr Matera said.

“No construction company is immune from the current industry pressures, which makes ours an important mission that will provide long-term benefits to the industry and community at large.

Marawar recently won a prestigious ‘Register Supplier of the Year’ award in the national Supplier Diversity Awards hosted by Supply Nation.

For more information visit www.marawar.com.au


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