17th Jul 2021

Anthony Honoured As 'Construction Manager Of The Year'

Anthony Honoured As 'Construction Manager Of The Year'

There is nothing more powerful in crushing damaging preconceptions about the Indigenous workforce than a high-profile award win. That’s exactly what was achieved when Marawar’s Anthony Tilbury took home the 2021 Master Builder Awards’ ‘Construction Manager of the Year’.

Anthony holds an important and all-encompassing role at Marawar, where he is responsible for the recruitment and mentoring the company’s team, from its Indigenous apprentices right up to the management of Marawar’s major works projects.

Director of Marawar, Mr Gerry Matera, says the significance of Anthony’s award win and contribution to the industry sends a very loud and clear message to industry and the community alike.

“The Indigenous workforce is often dismissed on the basis of damaging misperceptions, but professionals like Anthony are slowly turning the tide by demonstrating the delivery of incredible work and outstanding workmanship,” he said.

“The fact that Anthony was singled out and acknowledged within a high profile and competitive industry environment gives businesses the confidence to genuinely meet their Indigenous quotas. It also sends a positive message to the next generation of Indigenous workers who so greatly need amazing role models to aspire to.”

“Anthony’s win is saying ‘you can achieve great things’, and that’s just what we’re working towards at Marawar.”

Anthony has over 18 years industry experience and joined Marawar three years ago, when he immediately embraced increased mentorship responsibilities.

He is cherished by clients and staff alike for taking a hands-on approach to look after the team and nurture a positive culture that is so important to the company.

“Anthony was aware that his role at Marawar would require a combination of great management skills and personal compassion. His direct dealings with clients, particularly when working on sensitive sites such as hospitals, education buildings and public areas, is a great testament to the type of person he is,” Mr Matera continued.

“We are so profoundly proud of what Anthony has achieved within the organisation and what it means to future generations of Indigenous people. Together, we are crushing walls and paving the way for great change. We congratulate him for this latest testament to his great work.”

Anthony was presented with the Master Builders Award for ‘Construction Manager of the Year’ at a ceremony on Saturday 17th July, 2021.


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