Building, extending or refurbishing a school, college or university calls for a broad range of design-and-construct expertise, particularly if you need to complete your project during term time. At Marawar, we have all the capabilities and processes you need to take your project from plan to completion without compromising safety or your budget and timeframes.


Finding smarter, safer, better ways.

Whether we’re scheduling construction or maintenance works around holiday dates or innovating a better way to integrate a new teaching fit-out with an existing space, our team understands the unique needs of the education sector.

It means that, while we’ve used our education-sector experience to develop proven processes that streamline project planning and delivery, we’ll work with you to tailor them. It’s an approach that enables us to add value at every stage. The end result is a project that not only meets or exceeds the highest quality and safety standards, but minimises disruption, costs and risk.

Our capabilities:

  • Government works
  • Primary and high schools
  • Early-learning centres
  • Universities, TAFEs and colleges
  • Playgrounds and nature play areas

Learning and growing, together.

As an Aboriginal-owned business, we’re on a mission to bring about positive change for future generations. To change perceptions of Aboriginal businesses and workers. To promote equality in our industry. And we do that by working harder and smarter to exceed your expectations.